When kodular new version will update?


(MD Shahin) #1

I found two bugs in this version 1.2.1
1st Admob ads is not working!
2nd Lottie animation is not working when i set height and width manually :frowning:
One of my app is pending to upload for this bug :frowning:


We release the new update when it is ready.

(MD Shahin) #3

Can you give me an idea that new version will be available in january or next month?

(Philipp Lang) #4

If you read in the comminity some posts , there you can find it. (the date)
Happy reading for the date, maybe you learn something.

(Nik) #5

did we get more sneak peeks today

(Philipp Lang) #6

What you mean?

(MD Shahin) #7

Can you please give me the post link?

(Philipp Lang) #8


(Shona Creations) #9

Lottie animation is working when i set height and width manually its not a bug

(MD Shahin) #10

Thanks for information :slight_smile: