When will all these problems be solved?

Dear please tell me
image picker problem, authentication problem, aab/apk export problem, when will all these problems be solved?

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read this Image Picker: Error 908: permission READ_MEDIA_IMAGES has been denied - #39 by bodymindpower

I love to work with Kodular, but at this point I am evaluating other platforms. The donwtime on the builder services has been slowing my work and my costumers/stakeholders are not happy at all. As a Premium User (paid subscription) I feel Koduler should communicate better about the issue and the planned sollution. Would anyone from the company like to offer some feedback please? Thank you!


I am with you!
Looks like disrespect!!


Is there any other platform that accept/import file made by Kodular?

Right dear


Yes, absulute. They are unprofessional in work but they are professional only for taking money. I work with many builder before but not face this type issue. I’m also delay my work for this this problem