Where can I get the codes of my app I made

Where can I get the codes of my app I made

Hover your mouse over the project then you will see export aia. Click on that. Aia file is your source code.

You Can’t Get Java Code But You Can Get AIA File That Can Be Modified On Appinventor Only

To Download AIA File Click On Pointed As Red Square Download Button

Noo ur app won’t get anything but u can’t code apps never ever.others with ur aia can not access it after close .pls think positive

I did not understand

Ok in simple words aia can be seen

Since Kodular projects are not compatible with IDE, if Kodular stops you’ve to start allover again.

No issues there

This wouldn’t be a solution! Please mark appropriate reply as a solution to help others find it easily.

Looking at your question, reply from @Srrazmi should be the solution.

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Why doesn’t kodular allow us to convert app into java?

Not yet! May be in future updates they allow the same. :relaxed: Hope for the best!

in that case first try importing your project to any other builder.

I got to know why it cannot allow. Koders may try and add ads directly through android studio leaving zero commission to kodular.

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