Where Can I Place Ads In My App?

Hi everyone, I’m creating an companion app for a game called “Valorant” since 1 month, So now I’m almost finished making my app & it’s ready to get uploaded in the Playstore but now I’ve few questions regarding ads placement, idk total how many ads (banner, interstitial) should I use in my app for publishing my app on playstore safely.

My Questions are:-

(1) Total how many interstitial ads can I use as I have total 7 screen where user can interact

(2) Total how many banner ads can I use in each screen or particular screen

(3) Should I use only one ad unit ID for banner & interstitial ads or multiple ad unit ID?

I’m using a method in my app for showing interstitial ads randomly i.e. when screen initialize select random integer from 1 to 5 & lets suppose if random integer = 2 then show ad.

So is this method safe or what else can I use or remove in my app?

I want suggestions regarding this :sweat_smile: Thank You Guys! I’m attaching few screenshots where I have left some space for banner ads. (The gray boxes are space for banner ads)


Your app’s Design is very cool!

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