How MAny Ads Allows?

Hello All,
I Have Quiz App And I Ad Google Admob Ads in it. Now, Is Anyone Please Tell Me That How Many Ads I Put In 1 Screen? I Want to Use Reward Ads, Banner Ads And Interstial Ads.

I don’t think there is a limit to put ads but it would be better that you don’t put too many ads that makes an app too boring

Thanks @Soham_Shah For This Useful Information.

Can We Use 1 Ad More Then 1 Time? I Mean, I Create 1 Banner, So Can I Use It’s Ads Code To More Then 1 Time on Different Screen?

I think it may work but try it yourself to confirm that it works

You Should Implement 1 banner ad And 1 Interstitial Ad On A Screen. Remember That If You Implement Too Many Ads Then Your Application Will Start Crashing

And get uninstalled


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