Where can I publish my apps if I use all free and I don't want money here on Kodular?

Where can I publish my apps if I use all free and I don’t want money here on Kodular??

aptoide is great choice

Thanks.Now I try it. [quote=“dumanhalil_tr, post:2, topic:192040, full:true”]
aptoide is great choice

I intended here in Kodular and not outside, I thought there was a site to publish apps here to let people download them even if it is all free for me.

What do you intend to do? Do you have your own website? Who do you want to share your app with?

I have a site and I wasn’t able to post it in it, because it is an apk, but I have the account Google Play too and I’m trying to post an app. I’d want to share my apps on facebook on my groups for the school. If I post my Drive site appears danger of virus.

Why ?

On my website, I post the link for students and teachers to download the apk.

Where can I have the link of Kodular if I can’t publish the app because I don’t have pro? Must I have pro?

In .my web site , i Created a link

Where can I try a link of my app if I can’t pubblish it in Kodular? In Google Play? I’m trying there.

But I don’t know how I have to do. But have you published it in Kodular?

In my site I am not able, because when I update an apk file it seems not read it

Can you explain me how to create a link please?

Upload your APK to GDrive and then make it a sharable file. Copy the generated fileID to the link and post the link in you website.

In Google Play it has to be AAB file…

After your app is published, you will post the Google Play link in your site.


You can generate a Google Play Badge in the following site:


A simple suggestion: create a small website: create the layout of the same subject as your application ( school, pedagogy, food, lawyer etc ) Create a link to your .apk in the website builder

Thank you very much to everybody.

Is it normal if when I create a link to download the app, after I’ve upload it as file zip, after the extraction on the phone, every person has to consent to the unknown apps? (I’ve tried a moment ago to upload a file zip whit the apk inside in a page of my blog where I use wordpress) thanks.

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Yes, it is. Once the consent is given, the user can install any app from that.

Thanks. Bye.