Where from i can get designing components?

Hello Guys
I am new in this community and glad to see this beautiful community
My question is that how can we get some non copyrighted designing components like background,icon,button images e.t.c as we can publish those apps on playstore without any violation

Search google and check labeled for reuse

lets wait for other answer if this is not helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

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  • Icon Archive
    It contains a lot of icons with different styles. However, some icons are not allowed for commercial usage, but most icons are allowed for commercial usage. I mean it is different for each icon.

  • Pexels
    Pexels is the place where you can find totally free photos and videos with high quality. You can use photos and videos everywhere since every material on this website is allowed for commercial usage.

Of course, there are other websites like these, but my favorites are these.

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