Where should I store the icons used inside my app?

I have created an app in which 50+ icons have to be used in a screen. If I store the icons in Firebase/Cloudinary and make it load each time the user opens the screen, then that would consume a lot of internet data from the user’s end. In contrast, if I store the icons in the ‘assets’, it may increase the app size. What should I do? Please kindly suggest me something.
I have searched the community but couldn’t get any help.
Thank you.

Store it in asset it cannot increase app size

In first place, why do you need so many icons?
Secondly you can use File by file method as suggested by @Taifun here :point_down:


With this you can load all the assets on first run of the app and then later on your users can use your app offline


I suggest you , instead of using icons use url and the url wont give you much space. You can store it in a list even in a global variable in the required screen or in screen1

This is wrong @Faraz_Firoz1

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Zip all images (icons.zip), upload this zip file to your server (or e.g. Google Drive etc.), download it into the ASD when you first start the app and unzip it.


Do you mean a web url or file url?

The method is good but this will require internet on evry run of the app and hence might not be the feasible method

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Yeah, correct!

I think this seems to be the most appropriate method. Should I go with this or is there anything better?

The community is here to help and give you best possible answers. It’s your duty to try them and see what’s fits best for you.


Yes, and both extensions are easy to use:



Thank you so much.
How about if I upload a zip file in the ‘Assets’ itself and then unzip it when the app is opened? I don’t think that will increase the size of the app by very great extent.

Oh, I see. Thanks :blush:

Web url… all the icons web url

Images can hardly be compressed.
This is all you need:


Is there any way to show the download progress of this zip file to the user?

Maybe something like this:

I actually want to show the download progress on Linear progressbar so that the user knows how much has been downloaded. In the blocks mentioned below, I have used “Custom downloader” extension by Deep Host and your “Download to ASD” extension. If I use the following blocks, will both of my purpose (Showing progress and downloading icons without asking permission) be fulfilled?

@bodymindpower or anyone else, can you please kindly confirm whether the above mentioned blocks will suffice my purpose?