Whether or not to use WebViewer in the app? Please give a clearcut answer (Regarding to Playstore Approval...)

I actually want to create an app for my eCommerce website that uses three to four methods to fetch data from the website.
For example, the homepage of the app will be made entirely of HTML which will be loaded through the webviewer and the page will not connect to any server but the entire source code will be in the app itself. Only some images will be loaded from outside through hrefs. ۔
In addition, Rest Api will be used for login and signup and Categories. Only webview component will be used to show products and checkout.
Now let me know if playstore will allow such an app or not. I have tried hard to find the answer but no satisfactory answer so I am creating a new topic.
And also clarify that playstore does not allow only loading the website from web viewer into the app or loading local html pages from webviewer is also prohibited?

If you use API to show your products, you can place ads. Also, if you use HTML code that you OWN, you are free to place ads. Using webviewer does not always mean that you are not allowed to show ads, but it depends on your use cases.

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