Can we use Dailymotion Embed Player in my app

Hi I wanted to ask if I can use Dailymotion Embed player in my app?
The reason for this question is that we need to use Web Viewer to view the Iframe and play store does not allow web views.

Use deephost Dailymotion Player Extension

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Using deep host’s extensions is not recommended by the community and whenever I use his extensions my app crashes a lot. So it’s a big no to Deep Host’s Extensions

Try making your own extension?


The fact is only you can’t stream, download the copyrighted content. Otherwise there is no limitation about using the WebView in Android app, because it is just an Android component.

So if I just want to show videos than its OK to use webview???

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yes,Playstore doesnot restricts webview. I have been using it for a long time for my app in playstore.