Clarification about youtube embedded video player extension

Can you please clarify , if I use the deephost youtube embedded extension, will my app get rejected from Play Store?

Kindly reply it’s important for me.

Thanks in advance.

No your app do not rejected from playstore. We didn’t use deephost extension because he can not give information about how to use his extensions

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Thanks for replying…

Do you know another extensions which are the alternatives to that.

just some names, shouldn’t talk about which one is better or something.

I just need an extension from which the youtube video can not be shared and no options will appear. just the video will be played like deep host extension does

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There are no other Extensions similar to Deephost YouTube Embed Player but there is a YouTube Component which is original component of Kodular but you are unable to change Video Quality, Playback Settings, and Captions

If you want to use the Original Kodular YouTube Player, please follow these directions:

-Turn on your Experimental Properties on the
Upper Left Corner of your Screen with a Profile logo, then you click on "Preferences"
then from there, you can turn on your “Experimental Properties” but be CAREFUL because These properties are experimental and may not work in your app. Use them with caution.

By turning it on, you can now use the “YouTube Component” which doesn’t support on Changing Video Quality, Changing Playback Settings, and Enabling and Disabling Captions