Disable App to Open Youtube Externally

Hello, can you please help me how to disable the app to redirect to youtube site when they click youtube player, is there a way o not possible?

Not possible its by default

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And i think it would be against YouTube policy to do that.


@Peter It is not against Youtube Policy
I have seen many apps without this…

Can you show me where it says it is not against their policy? I was not sure about my statement but you are.

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I am sure because many apps in playstore are without this redirection button
They don’t show More Videos on pause/end
And they also don’t show Share, Watch Later buttons…

I would suggest @Kodular to let developers Customize YouTube Player…

So no proof?

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I hope they can do it, cause all the topic I have read theres no Kodular support replies.

Not to make a debate… @Peter
But official Youtube embed player offers to remove Youtube Modest Branding
See this
So this is not against YT Policy…

That’s what i was asking for. Proof.

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Thank God i am not a support person. :sunglasses:

Developers read every topic, but that doesn’t mean they have to reply to every topic and post.


Calling all Kodular support, acounting Department, Sales…etc
hope they include it on free version and not on a paid account hehehe

Use @deephost 's youtube extension.

We will add a new property to hide the YouTube button in the next release.


Also remove watch later and share buttons
And also add a property Show full screen

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My opinion. Don’t use anything from Deephost since he doesn’t support it.


@Deep_Host has an account on community…
but he will not respond to his extension topics…

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I am using extension but i cant get any problem. its your choice.

is it a free extension or paid? can you share extension. thanks