Which video player is available to make video player app

Which video player is available to make video player app to play external as well as youtube links?

Does anyone know any extensions for this, please help?

Also I have used inbuilt Youtube player component to build app but i got policy violation from google Play store with “device and network policy issue”

Any help on above would be highly appreciated on above.

Thank you in advance.


Top 5 Video Players

5 - Kodular’s Video Player

4 - @Deep_Host’s Video Player And Exo Player

3 - YouTube Embed Player ( @Deep_Host )

2 - Load Embed Code Using An Embed Video Link As a HTML in @vknow360’s Custom
Web View Extension

1 - @Said-Dev’s Video Player

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I searched for Deep host and all are suggesting against it. They sre saying deep host’s doesnt support its extensions so that’s why i haven’t purchased it yet.

My app basically played videos from you tube as well as from external links such as google drive etc. I want all videos to get played through my app.

Please suggest if any such extensions are available paid or free.


you also might want to check the extensions directory for more video player extensions…