Which Database is best for an school admission app

hey :kodular: oders,
I am creating an app in which users can submit admission regstration app. it will collect :

and which Database is best for storing this much values
before suggesting please consider :

Database must be able to this much data
It should be easy to get details on an admin app (not required if spreadsheet)

Please suggest me a database

i am providing .aia file here -
addreg.aia (35.1 KB)
It should be in list -

Mysql , firebase , google spreadsheet

pleas show method

Search in kodular

airtable, baserow and you some suggestions above also.

mysql is better option for any app

i does not know to make

I think Google Spreadsheet is better for storing the data.

Now you think that how can we you store in google spreadsheet just use web connectivity and store data from it.

See google sheet can store so much data that you can see in the given image below:


i did not understand correctly @Blogtriggers
addreg.aia (35.1 KB)
can u do it here in this .aia file
and this is a list of things to store

wait i will try @dora_paz

If you are suggesting a spreadsheet . check if it is possible to upload datas in such an order
Is it possible using spreadsheet component?
please suggest one

In Google spreadsheets ? Yes it is

Dear Havish,

This Video will help you a lot:

Instead of Use google spreadsheets Extension use web component and in that insert google drive link and get the data from web components

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Few part of video is not in english

try this method

(Always recomd to others)

thanks to @TimAi2 for this wonderful guide…

this was suggested by @dora_paz i dont like that and can you make that in aia provided

No it is different approach. make attention to read both the post

at the end it is there

BTW, we don’t know what is your expectation, we can suggest you the way. with that of way you can create and if it not works we can surely help

but i asked of that spreadsheet please make this detailsstore this much value make it in .aia in post