Which extention to use to get cardview like this?

Which extention should I use to get this kind of view?

You can accomplish this with built in components


Using dynamic card view? But how?

Add the Table arrangement

  • To this add 4 cards
  • Set the radius you want
  • Set Content padding to 0
  • Add images Using image component

This process takes longer to load images, it there any way to load it faster? Show me with blocks please…

You want the look like this

I use deephost dynamic listview extention. With this it can’t add radius on image by cardview

I didnt use that extension broo

Yes I want like this…also the loading time shouldn’t be too long

Can you send me the extension link?

I use Dynamic_Card_View, Dynamic_Image it’s not an extension

Hey this image of mine I made this app. I used the dynamic cardview

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how to make the size of the dynamic card view and image look the same