Which methodology model (software development life cycle ) kodular uses?

hello i am new in kodular and i am working on a project given by my university, they told me to develop an app for university i have already done all the work now i am making a report on my project here is a section where they ask that for developing this app Which methodology you used to done this work smoothly ? Which SDLC model should i mention there kindly help me

For users like me who are wondering what a sdlc model is:


They are talking about what method you used yourself. It is not on what Kodular uses internally.

Was it Agile, was it waterfall, etc.

I would suspect it was Waterfall and Iterative. You had a ibg ideo of what the app should do, you knew the features you wanted, and as you went through it you probably had to make small iterative changes based on blocks not working as you thought.

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Thank You it really helped me

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Good luck with it.

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