Which programming language should i learn next? Any Suggestions?

after my exams are over i will get enough free time to learn something. but i am not sure where to start. do any of the seniors here some suggestions for me?

currently i know

  • PHP 5+
  • MySQLi
  • AJAX
  • Java Script
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap 4
  • VB .Net
  • Python (started learning 3 days ago)

which language should i learn next based on my current skills.


I recommend Java and C#

If you learn Java, I think you can do almost anthing with Android. Also learning Java is related with AI2 too, because you can make extensions for AI2 platform. :wink:

By the way,

I’m learning C# in school as lesson. I recommend it too because you can make many things with C# also. I mean C# is powerful programming language for me. :sweat_smile:

C# is mostly for Windows, but you can do many things with C# also such as Clients, Web Services, Mobile App (Android x iOS x Windows Phone Cross-Platform with Xamarin), Windows Apps (Desktop and Metro) and more!


Don’t have any suggestions for you but can I know in which standard you are studying ? Mean just that u r in school and already know these all language you mentioned

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I am pursuing master degree. (MCA)

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Oh! Sorry :sweat_smile:

Embedded C because i love it :smiley: you can make amazing Arduino projects


What do you need this language for?
Create android applications? iOS ones? Mobile games? Apps for computers? Arduino projects? etc. etc.
Language is only “the way” to do something. If you want to achieve something specific, just read how to do it efficiently. For example, if you want to make android/iOS game with physics, kodular won’t be the best choice. Neither android studio. Probably you’ll end end up with some kind of creator (like clickteam fusion), if you are more into coding then with something like gamemaker studio (with its own language) or with Unity with C#.
If you’d like to work in IT for big corporation then java is the right way. Startups use python a lot.
etc. etc.


C,C++ and java

i recommend Java

I suggest u to learn Java And Python tooo(if possible learn Kotlin)
And all the best for ur exams …

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If you are not good enough with html5, I would start from there.

Other than that, depends on what you intend to do with your skills. For example, if you want to focus on app developing (using kodular or no) no doubt you should learn java (even if you don’t decide to learn it first).

I am Student (8th Standard) And Want To Decide About My Future From Now
Currently I Know HTML,CSS,JAVA,XML:sweat_smile::joy:,And Some PHP
Which Are The Best Languages That I Am Missing That i Should Learn?
And Which Can Help Me In Future?

Wait - I Also Know QBASIC:rofl: But I Learned It Presently Somewhat 2-3Days Ago In School:joy:(Basic Level QBASIC)

Hey all I am a student also currently I am studying in 12th and on 23rd my exam will over so I want to ask that which language should I learn I know html and css(not a pro level), some basic Java,xml,and just little bit php so which language should I learn and from where I can’t afford paid service so I request to all of you to suggest a course and it will be nice if it is in Hindi


What I suggest to all of you is to learn Algorithm. If you learn Algorithm, you can easily learn any language you prefer. There are several tutorials in the net. This is an example: YouTube


I Know Algorithm And I Can Learn New
programming language easily
thank you:relaxed:

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What is algorithm???

KOTLIN seems like a good option.:+1:

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Hmm Its A New Langugage Filled with fun:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thanks @Kleyber_Derick