Why are my app advertising of Interstitial showing only unity ads

i dont know why i requested for admob advetising on my app but in place of it kodulor is showcasing only unity advertising on it rather than admob advertising… althrough my admob banner ads are working fine problem is with intertitial ads has Commission rates of Kodulor or increased

you can find my app on play store with this link above:: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.unitysmashstar3d.app


Show your blocks where you requesting and showing ads…

I can’t see you blocks…

same problem faced with me too, only unity advertisements are getting played

And the suggestion gonna be the same! Show blocks…

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has usual i used blocks in screen initialize has "call Admob interstital "

later on i used component “when ad loaded” " show Admob interstital ads"

and also an error message block to know if ads failed to load

but i can only see one this that is unity ads rather than admob interstitial ads

bro has usual in intitalize we use" call admob load ads"

and later in admob component of when admob ads loaded " show interstitial ad"

after exporting app it shows only unity ads rather than admob has i also have approval from kodulor for advertisiment

Any error message ?

no error message only unity ads play when screen is opened that too not skip able

same here no error in loading but it shows unity ads rather than admob

bro even you can try once in your kodulor approved apps same problem is faced by all of my apps

also for this user too has he also have live app in play store

I just took a look at my project. Nothing wrong found on that.

am sorry but i wanted for solution has my users are suffering a lot because of non skip able unity advertisement

““has i didn’t find any problem in blocks has it is showing unity advertisement””

You can send one of your Interstitial ad ID so that I can check …

i think commission rates or increased up to 99%

has advertisements are only of unity rather than admob


Wait a few minutes…

Is this really all the code you have

You are seeing Unity ads because of our commission system