Why doesn't Text_To_Speech work with long text?

I add text to a label and when the text is large it does not spell it.

You have to give more info then that. Show the text and show your blocks.


It seems to have a limit, if it is a very large text does not work.
Regardless of where the text is.

I think you have to store text in a txt file instead of tinydb, large text is easy to handle by text file and also text to speech will be able to read that easily

The text comes from firebase, except in an empty list variable, I didn’t even know that kodular supported txt … I wouldn’t know how to save to a txt and use it in kodular either.

There is a component name File, that can be used for saving text and get, like picture try this

I created the txt file but I have no idea how to use it in Text_To_Speech.

Call file read from file filename.txt then use block when file got text, then Call text to speech to read text , text got from file

I took it and got the text from tinydb and saved it to the text file but the big file also didn’t work.

Thank you anyway.

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Tomorrow i will try that and inform you , now i closed my computer and all stuff, hope i will find solution tomorrow,

Can see you have error on initialize, maybe duplicate of initialize, and this initialize is not working

What means long text? How many characters we are talking about?

Type this text all or half.

Characters limitation to 3999


Thanks for informing.

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