Why Google Map not appear in my app?

Hi, i want to ask about my google map appearance in my app. My google map seem to be disappear when i start to click screen ‘Map’ in my app but location sensor did work well. Is there any setting?


please assist me on this

I’ve already export the apk of this app but also the map dont appear

Did you put maps api key in app settings?

yes, ive already done for that part

Is this your own API key or is it the Kodular API key?

From what I can see, is your package name and Sha1 same as the ones you put in Google cloud console ?

yes it is my own API key, as far as I concerned that google map API key I created for free in Google cloud…If I am not mistaken.

Where can I recheck the package name in google cloud?


thank you so much, my problem solved!

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Mark post as solution then…

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