Why Google Maps Markers colors cannot be set to certain colors

Hi, In the blocks below I set a new Google Maps marker to be light gray, but when it is ploted on the map the color is something close to red…
What am I doing wrong?

Check the color of the Marker it produces:

Other colors also have same problem (black, dar grey and others) but some like yellow, red, green, and others work ok.
Assistance welcome

Instead the colourfield try to use a value between 0 and 200

Hi, most values between 0 and 200 produce a dark blue color.
I slightly modified the app to allow for testing:

Values to the order of, say, 15397675 produce light green, trying some other numbers make color changes…
By trial and error (and some spare time) it seems I will find light grey but I would like to find the proper method to reliably change marker’s colors.


This might help (with the numbers)


Dear Tim, thanks for the help.
I checked the site and collected the info I need:

Then I did the following test:

And the result was:

Then I changed as follow:

And the test was like:

And I also did another change as below:

And the result:

Something is still not the way it should…

It uses the hue color as the output



Both blocks produce the same color and unfortunately, the gray color that you want doesn’t exist in hue chart


Hi Boban, tanks for your help as well…
That is interesting about the lack of grey, but I will work it out with some other color pattern, thanks.

But it is still not working for me.

Even putting the number directly on the list as you did in your example (60), I do not get some sort of yellow.
Whatever number (up to close to 1000) I feed into it the result is always dark blue:

Now, if I enter some crazy number as, say: 34567 I get different colors.
I wonder what might still be wrong on my side.

They are two different blocks


How stupid…
Thanks a lot, working now!


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