Why I'm loosing part of my projects?

Is my first post, then,


My question is because after saving my projects (or exporting as well) I’ve noted that I’m loosing part of the project. When I come back to the project or I import it to my desk, part of the project in the block section has dissapear

Anyone is having the same issue?


This is already fixed for next version (sorry for not replying to your email yet :sweat:)

It was because the cookie expire time is in 24h, whilst the session is in 2 hours
I’ve already fixed in next version


Thanks a lot!

Don’t worry. I’m very patient and I know that I need to learn a lot about Kodular.


When I use special chars in a text object, after saving and open the project again, part of the project dissapears:

When I save the project:

After a while, when I open again the project:


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Can you write here what was the special character?

Hi Pavitra,

I need to use special characters that I send to a label printer in order to command some internal functions.

In this pictures you can see how are these characters in HEX and DEC mode:


This plain text file contains an example whit this chars:

specialCharsExample.txt (59 Bytes)