Why is coming this error again and again and also screen is lagging after 4000 blocks in one screen

Your pc spec ???

4gb ram and core i3

and also ssd

Yes I also faced this because too much block in your app and try to do clear data or try different browser or clean your pc to improve the performance.

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Well the advice I can give you is:
- Do not use too many extensions sometimes certain extensions reduce the optimization of the platform (I have no idea why, but I have noticed that in certain extensions is a very small percentage).
- If you have been in your session for a long time, save your work and reload the page (sometimes its slowness is due to this and then it works with its normal fluidity).
- Clear your browser cache at times like this.
- Use a browser that does not consume much CPU and RAM (Edge, Firefox, Opera).
- If you have many blocks of code that are like processes but you no longer need to edit them, collapse the blocks to optimise the platform and the screen becomes fluid.

So you do not have problems with that more than 4000 blocks (because I present them at a given time and that happens after 2000 or 3000 blocks notice these effects), so far and what I could check is a machine with Intel Core i5 6G with 8 RAM plus 2GB GPU will not have these problems and even if you get to use more than 8000 blocks


after collapse many procedure its working very fine thak u so much


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