Why is my app crashing?


please wait.

I found someone logged in just now, is it you ??

No.It was not me.
But now I am going to sign up.

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have you downloaded the app ??

I am seeing white page after clicking on HTML:

P.S. nothing happens after clicking on post

You are offending Java developers by not adding Java course in your app :joy:

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I think I have found the error:

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well… can you please tell ?!

NO, go into the community tab to see the bug.


Please have a look at logcat.

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What is logcat ??
Note: I don’t know Java

This one:

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couldn’t understand that.

…hello ?? are you alive ?


Yes I am.

Your app is crashing because of OutOfMemory exception.
Probably you are not switching screens correctly.

This is how I am switching screens.

Then probably you are using big image files.

@bodymindpower also said me the same thing.

I removed some images and lowered resolution of some images, still the app is crashing in the community tab.

But if the issue would have been with images, the crash should’ve also appeared in other screens but the crash can only be seen in the community screen.

This was a PM. Next time, please ask beforehand if you can publish it (in this case it was ok).

Ok, sorry. I won’t do it next time.

Make a video of the app and show the exact steps (from launching the app to crashing) where, when and how the crash occurs.

Is it really a crash? since you obviously do not receive an error message and the problem does not always occur; a crash should always occur.

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