Why is my app crashing?

I am not able to understand why my app is crashing and closing automatically. Please help.

Here is what’s happening:

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Only a video! That’s not enough to understand the problem.

  1. Which database you’re using?
  2. Whether you’re using card view to show images?
  3. Post apk if possible.
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I am using Firebase Database.

I am using the image component to show images ( with the help of Image Utilities )


These are the third party extensions which I am using.

That’s good. And I think Image Utility doing it’s job by loading images smoothly as I don’t see any lag on the video.
What I can see is your app closes suddenly. Right?

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Yes. That happens only when I swipe up in my app.
Note: I am using the Drift extension and also performing a function on when swiped up.
But I don’t think there is any issue anywhere in my function.


I don’t think there is any issue with the extension ( maybe ) because I have also put an alternative way to change post.


Even when the button is clicked, the app crashes ( sometimes ).

You can post an apk. That will help to experience the problem.

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… hello ??

How you can expect us to solve your problem just by posting a video?

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This is what I am trying to do in order -


These are my blocks. The bug is supposed to be in one of these only.

Please post a sample apk here.



please wait.

I found someone logged in just now, is it you ??

No.It was not me.
But now I am going to sign up.

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have you downloaded the app ??

I am seeing white page after clicking on HTML:

P.S. nothing happens after clicking on post

You are offending Java developers by not adding Java course in your app :joy:

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I think I have found the error:

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well… can you please tell ?!

NO, go into the community tab to see the bug.


Please have a look at logcat.

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