My App is crashing

I am using 2 screen. some images loaded from airtable in one screen. one bottom navigation. but app is crashing. lots of crash report i am getting from my play console data. what should be the solution.pls help me.

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Your images consume lots of memory and thereof it crashes


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total 8 images loading one at a time with some text on list item click .
size of images is 39kb, 30kb , 27kb,20kb,34kb,27kb,20kb,43kb. should we not used images on app.?

You have to give much more information if you want help

I think its images size or dimension problem. how can i know the actual size or dimension need to display on my app. ?

you might want to read again @Italo’s explanation in tip 2 here


My App is crashing in play store . classnotexceptionfound exception occur. User uninstalling my app.How can I show blocks pls help me

Stop making new topics about your crashing app. Double posting is not allowed. You will get suspended next time.


Go to the Developer Console on your PC, open ANR & Crashes and see the details.
Somethink like this:

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this is i Got

It seems the crashes only occur on Android 9.
Do you have an Android 9 device for testing? If so, does the app crash on your device?
Post the APK.

@bodymindpower I tested on andoird 9 its working fine .
I m giving u apk link
I was recently face “The blocks area did not load properly. Changes to the blocks for screen 6104971089018880_Screen1 will not be saved.” issue in my project so I mail aia to kodular pls check apk from here’


This is not a link to the APK, but one to the Play Store. Who should have the time to test your app and look for a (nonspecific) error.

Kodular staff and moderator are here to solve issue .They are available according to their time.

did you check apk. pls check apk help me i m losing my users.

as I said, post the APK (and/or aia)

Whatsapp_Group.apk (8.2 MB)

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The user in this forum solved this issue by changing targetSdk version in android studio. I m using kodular , seems nothing works for me as kodular automatically set targetSdk version.
any other solution u have?

My app have lots of crash. I tried to resolve it but could not found solution ? I think handling exception may solve this issue. There is no blocks for exception. I am losing my users.