Why my APK won't download?

The bar just stucks at 100% “Your APK is ready!”
I have noticed that a smaller application exports fine but this one, i have assets that take up around 50 MBs. I doubt my internet has anything to do with this. Please help!

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Limit 32MB for export


But i have no warnings about this, it just stucks. Anyway, if so how do i import those over sized assets?

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You can’t however, you have two options

  1. Download images at first run App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Webprefetch File by File | Pura Vida Apps

  2. Damn I was to late, see post above


I tried that technique, for that to work, i need to put dummy files in the project so i could replace the assets but apparently, the audio only played until when the dummy audio finished playing.

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Eh, no. It plays longer but it stopped after like 4 seconds. My dummy audio is just 1 second long

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I tried the first step but ^^^
How can i fix this?

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no, that’s not necessary

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Heh… But it won’t do anything unless i do it.
Anyway, i fixed the problem by replacing the Sound object with the Player object plus with that technique

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I have certainly performed this procedure more than 1000 times, there have never been any problems.

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