Why my app needs telefon perm.?

im using these blocks
and my app asked for telefone permission

maybe its because of the Device_tools componend but im only using it to get the language of the device and not the IMEI or something

Device Tools:

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hatte unter docs nichts gefunden gibt es einen link wo das zu allen components steht ?

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@Diego Can we add this to our docs for every component?

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There should be a way, but it’s more work…
Plus, it’s not needed for users to know that, I mean, permissions is not something important

Some users are paranoid about permissions and give one star ratings and long rants about how an app requested for more permissions than it should need. The developer will be sitting there like “Dude I just want to know what Android version you’re on.”

we need permissions customization

what do you need?
You want to set permissions by yourself? We will never allow this


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