Why my app take 12 sec to be open?

why my app takes 12 sec to be open?
can I know what thing makes the app slower tobe open?

Please elaborate about your app and your problem. Elaborate on what you have in the screens and what all extensions you use, etc. How can we know the reason without knowing the problem.

Remove The Unwanted Blocks , Under “When Screen Inisilized” they makes your app to start slowly


i’m new at kodular so, i have to learn a lot about this community rules

Its not a rule. Its just a fact. Without explaining what your problem, how can anyone help you with your problem. There are many many probable causes for your problem.

Eg. your phone maybe hanged, it might be problem of your app or the apk, it might due to the extensions you have used, it might due to the methods and features in your app.
So… to find actual cause you have to provide more details!