Why my image's texts quality too down?

when i create my image it quality is too high but when I install in phone it’s quality reduce to very bad.

Actually, i have created a image (in this image i have add some texts).
Now, when i upload the image to my asset and open my app.
Then, my image’s Quality Got Damaged. Image is not Fully damaged only texts which i have input in my image.

please help me ??

i really don’t know how can i explain this problem ??

Note : i have do some changes please check.

Read the link I gave you and just follow the instructions in it.

  • Post your blocks
  • what size / resolution does the image have?
  • post /upload the image
  • show a screenshot of what the image looks like after installation

Go to advance properties of the screen where you are using images and then tick keep high quality images

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