Why the my app is not exporting and not showing any bug

not showing any bug and the app is not exporting

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You say “I am professional app developer from india”. Then you should know that when you ask a question you have to give as much info as possible.


hello Badsha, i was experiencing the same problem yesterday which was caused having assets file that is greater than 32MB, we solved it by removing a few items from the assets folder.

For clarification (aia & apk size):

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It seems that build server is down

how much time take sever ? i am try many times today

I am not having any problem building the apk. All day it is going well.

I don’t know about earlier today but right now it doesn’t build

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I just build an apk and it worked.

it showing server problem but how much take time i am trying from at afternoon

Yes you are right, the project it wont build was the one I messed with text string earlier in which I also got the internal error bug


how much take time to fix this ?

My first statement was wrong

but how much time it will take to fix this problem website

1 week for every time you asked :sunglasses:

Just be patient.


My question is: How much time do you take to be patient?


Try to use vpn

The issue is probably on your side

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Hey this is due to much asset folder size or app size try to remove them and use in online

The problem was not solve at ?
please try to fast fix this problem