Why this is happening to me with appearance?

For the last few days i am suffering with this appearance…
Is it happening to you? Looks not good even blocks section too… I tried with firefox, opera, chrome and still using w7 with 4gb ram

No menu items in all sort of browsers… (feel so bad for this)

Kodular app

kodular app




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This not happening with me, idk how to help you with this, feels bad :frowning:

Check your internet speed and Also Update your browser to latest version everything will be solved

And 99% chance is internet speed

Clear Browser Cache and Cockies

Newly downloaded from site…

Guess the same but i think 1.8Mbps is enough to run

Yes friend, really it kills me… Tested with Another hot wireless also

After using PENDRIVE only it happens (may be childish but it makes me to think) let me reinstall the OS

Anyway Thanks for sharing your views friends…

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