With Firebase Remote Conf. can't export

Hi i just add firebase remote conf. to my application and the server did not export the application. I removed the extension and it allowed me to export without problems.

I used the official Firebase remote configuration. of kodular. What can cause this?. Thnx

Make sure you uploaded google-services.json file in assets.

And without changing file name

Tried to export it with and without google-services.json and without changing anything.
To test if it was my project I create a new one adding only the firebase remote conf. and it doesn’t export it. I remove the remote conf. and everything works fine.

Hi @agc_softwares,

Is there any error that shows upon building?

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Can you show me your assets?

there is more but only .png files

Thank you, can you PM me your google-service.json file? Not in the topic only because it’s supposed to be private.

how i can do that? i can only follow you

Go to Profile - Wizard - Kodular Community and then press “Message”. After that just drag & drop the file into the textarea and send it to me.

With an empy proyect the same

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This does not help me help you.

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You have a hidden profile

Aren’t there three things that need to be matched to work

If you had searched, you would have found something like this

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OOhhh… i didn’t find that… i will check

Hmm, there are +50 topics about this Search results for 'firebase config error' - Kodular Community and the above is one of them…


the package_name where diferent :face_with_head_bandage:

I search “firebase config export” hahaha…
ty all you

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