Working UPI Extension needed in May 2024

Hello, I want to know is there any working UPI extension in 2024, I want for my app, I have almost completed my app but stuck for the payment option of any UPI to attach to my app & complete my app, I am searching from 1 week & tried many tutorials for activity starter method but failed every time, so I am looking some extension which can be just added to my payment page & in block section I just add my UPI ID & it should work perfectly.
If anybody knows something very easy & perfectly working UPI Extension, please let me know.

Do you have Business UPI ID?

No, first I want to test if its working with my own personal UPI ID, if everything works fine, later I’ll add the professional UPI ID. just UPI ID has to be updated.

That’s not possible.
You must have a business UPI id, otherwise that method won’t work.

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I already have 1 app made by some other person for me, where he attached my personal UPI ID & its working fine, but the problem is when users pay through the app they get to see my personal Name rather than a business name but I don’t know how did he do that, so now I just want to recreate the same thing by myself.

Hlo Enter_Monopoly,
You have told that you have already a upi extension that is attached to your personal upi and working fine than, can you tell me that who made this upi extension for you because I also want a upi extension which will work fine with any upi id.

Thank you in advance 🩵:blue_heart:

Keep k​:blue_heart:ding

I could have used it by myself if I would have had it with me, the guy didn’t give me the AIA, he just made an app for me, it was around 2 years ago, I don’t even know what procedure did he use to create it. I did not have much experience about kodular then. he just told me that he used kodular to make the app.
so still if anyone have any extension or any procedure, please help me, so that I can complete my app, i just want some payment option in my app so that users can pay me custom amount through that payment mode.