Wrong number of arguments

Hey everyone,

i found a new error, but i really don’t know how it can arrive :

and i have these one too :

do you know how to fix it?

Please change your topictitle to something that reflects your question.

What did you do yourself to solve your problem.

sorry, it’s good now?

Look at how i changed it. What you did didn’t say anything about your error.


yeah, i will give more things : this is a chat app with a google account connexion, i have a firebase connected, chat view…i can give the code if you want !

so, my subject nee to be as this?

Did you search the community. What did you find and what have you tried.

i looked for my error on the community, and i found nobody who has the same errors as me. I tried 3 pictures, and only one worked, and connected again my database, but the pictures who not working aren’t on the firebase, only these one who i haven’t error

Are you trying to upload your pictures on firebase using firebase api?

sorry, but i’m not sure to understand…
i have this (to connect the app with firebase ssssss
that answer your question?

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Not this…
Are you using firebase storage component…
Or trying to upload images on firebase storage?

i have a firebase storage component

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I think you’re using firebase storage extension…Because of an old question of you…

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Yes so the url you are using in firebase storage may be wrong…

There is something wrong with that firebase storage only…

i’m checking that

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Check the guide given by the koders on firebase storage… To know the proper way…

I think you need to show us the blocks u use for uploading…So we understand better…

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hey @Mohamed_Tamer
here is the code, but i can gigve you all the aia or just the screen if you want :slight_smile:


Did you asked for WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission?