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Upload screenshots of your app
And edit the download link

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I don’t think it is a great idea to place fullscreen ads in a browser

Also, the top sites never change

It is like you do not use this browser.

History has some empty items


It would be better if you uploaded your app to an application store, just like the :kodular: Kodular Store or to :google_play: Google Play. They would help you to get more users, and it would be more user friendly than the current Google Drive download link.

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hmm. browser, nice @techcvr what do you think about this browser???

now what can i say… it looks like a copy of T-Browser i made almost a year ago i think. only new thing i can see according to the image is full screen ads.

even history part is not fixed, its the same as i left in my version.


and what about following the term and condition?

@fastearn00. Read the terms and conditions of Tbrowser properly so in future you won’t get in trouble. If you don’t reply to this message then we will assume your answer as declined of terms and conditions. After that further action will be taken.


i am sorry for that… @techcvr

You can also make your app browser by taking @techcvr TBrowser as base.
But copying whole app is against rules.
Or you can buy pro version.

Aia file please .

As I saw this pic,
@techcvr, you got flashed on my laptop screen and I mentioned you

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Your Settings Features is really good

Yeah, Fullscreen ad may be change
Then more people will use it i think.:joy:

Nice idea, but… Why would I use a browser which is very limited and show me ads when I can use full featured browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc without ads?

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