XML parsing problem

i have a xml file as in below

as you see sub-title and category not present in all nodes
so for example if start list length was 10 subtitle list length and category list length will be smaller than 10 so when i try to grab the data of index 10 i receive error message that there is no index 10 so i need a way that when i make sub-title list the place no sub-title add not found in the list so the length of the list become equal to start list
i use these block to create the lists

Did You try Get Value at Key Path ?

i try but it give error
i do not know if my blocks is right or not

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Thank you i read this guide many times before but i did not reach the solution before now i can make an application read any XMLTV file not only a specific one

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Glad I helped you and you posted your solution. Congratulations !

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