🥳 Year Ending Special Weekly Challenge No.1

:partying_face:Year Ending Special Challenge

Solve This Challenge & Improve Your Knowledge #Challenge 1

Q1) Generate Random Text That Should Be 6 Characters In Length.

Condition: Write short code as much as you can, Don’t use any extension

You are getting 1 week (9 December 2023) to solve this challenge

We Going to post the Next Challenge on
9 December 2023 @7 Pm.

Where To Submit?
Share your answers below the post.

Which format should submit:
So better if you share block image or aia.

:gift: Prizes:
In the grand finale of the series, Pixel Editor will award exciting prize to the winning participants (All decisions will be taken by admin), adding an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to the thrilling finale!

Be Happy!! Keep Koding. :heart:

Thanks To Kodular.

Organised By:
Team Pixel Editor

A big thank you to the incredible Kodular team for giving us the incredible opportunity to host this event! Together, let’s take our community to new heights!


Hey!! We are seeing people getting disillusioned about this challenges.

Our intention behind these challenges is to keep the community active, so please start a discussion on the community. We will announce the winner based on who showed their presence and most engagement.

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hey Dear @Earn_Money_online , thank you very much for this great challange here on community.
Here goes my first try to participate in your challange.

here are my blocks.

and here is how the app looks on phone screen. I tried to keep it minimal.

here is how it functions.

and here is the APK file for the app.

RandomText.apk (6.6 MB)

Please Do reply if there are any modifications in the code.

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It is not specified whether it should be a readable word or just characters, whether they can be repeated or not

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3rd one is smart work :smile:

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I have a trick reducing the block amount (just 12)


:bulb: [IMPORTANT] FAQ For Year Ending Special Weekly Challenges

We appreciate your active participation in our challenges. Moving forward, please adhere to the following guidelines when submitting your answers:

  1. Submission Format: Clearly state your answers in each post. We regret the omission of this detail in Challenge 1 but kindly include it in subsequent submissions.

  2. Submission Location:
    Share your answers exclusively in the community reply section. Ensure your response is unique and not a duplicate of any existing submissions.

  3. Avoiding Duplicate Responses:
    Prior to posting your answer, check for any identical submissions. Your response should be distinct from those already posted.

  4. Prizes and Winner Selection:
    Answer all challenges logically, honestly, and ensure they are functional and original. Winners will be selected based on the quality of responses. The announcement is tentatively scheduled for December 30th or 31st.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Best of luck!

Pixel Editor

@Earn_Money_online How is ‘best’ chosen? By the number of blocks? If yes, then currently my submission has the lowest blocks

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ohhhhhhh!! Thats good.
but So if you think you are a winner. Let’s see if someone’s post’s answer.

Yes but also your answer should not be same as previously uploaded.

When will this first challenge end?

This Saturday, but winners will be determined on all challenges.

Am I allowed to submit another new submission? (not posted by others)

nope, just one chance.

Wikipedia: A text is a composition of signs encoded in a writing system that forms a unit of meaning

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This can be useful when we need random text multiple times.
Thank you.

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yeah, that correct. so if any one need random text generator then instead of using the extension they will try our solutions. and in reply their are many solution available

This challenge have been closed, Solve Challenges Number 2

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