You already have an app under review

29 August Saturday at 22:47 and The name of my approved application = YksNeKolay 7 august 2020 23:39:56 I created on

Have you deleted project or something in middle of approval?

Can you repost this image where we can see the created date…

Secondly, app approval goes by the app ID and not the name, so if you removed your project aia from Kodular and reuploaded it again then it’s a new app ID that has to be approved…

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If I remove a project in middle of review before getting approved. Can I submit some other project or should we wait for result of previous project.

What I know of, you should await…

Thank you for your time and help.

No. Do not delete your project when it is pending review. Your account will forever be stuck in “you already have an app under review” mode. You will have to contact us to manually clear the pending record, which is a hassle for both us and you.


I did not uninstall and reinstall Aia and thank you for giving a time

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I did not install or uninstall aia, it came out of self approval

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I actually did got stuck but it resolved automatically. By the way thanks for information and your time

What will you Say on it?

Please help. I tried very hard to finish but my problem is not solved please help

Unfortunately we mods don’t have much insight regarding ads, we can only help to a certain extent by collecting some information and probably point you in the right direction, admins are notified in this case for

@Muhammet_Kadir_tasdelen with app-id 4881296394289152
@ronniearora in post 18

Now just await a response from admins…

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all I want is to be approved, please help

One of my app is under review for approx. 3 months,
Please consider monetization review…

Can you send me the App ID?

App id : 5537767515750400
App name : City24_Radio

You already have an app under review - #18 by ronniearora check it too​:relieved:

How to get app id.