YouTube extension fell to get video

Hello devs,
hope you all doing good.
i have problem when getting youtube video by its tag from youtube.
Some of the videos from youtube is easy to get by that tag but in my case there is problem when getting them by tag. here is the screenshot of tag.
this tag doesnt have problem while getting into youtube plugin where
this tag have problem.

i tried many tags but this problem persist.
here are my blocks

i am getting that tag from Airtable because i want to update that video daily and i found that easy to update this way. but i am getting problem.
here is the screenshot in app showing video is unavailable.

Please help me out from this problem.
any help is welcomed.

Instead of load use


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but if use instant load then that view is not counted in YouTube . as of i read it somewhere in our kodular forum.

Don’t know about count otherwise try