5 Different Listviews using Dynamic component Extension | Guide

How can it happen I dose not copy the manually :thinking:

I dont know too
just put it back

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Done, Now It should be OK

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Does it work with app inventor. Asking this because it shows error while importing AIA in app inventor.

No it don’t, as there are components like card view which are not supported in app inventor


I am very glad and happy that my guide also helped users in AI2 :heart_eyes::blush:

I maybe over reacting but it’s a lot to me :blush:

Read this post :point_down::grin:


@Maayur Congratulations… And its realy a smart work :heart::+1:


Actually, I felt satisfied when I finally finished all schema :wink:


help me to slove this probelm

i try to show different data in different layout its shows error help me too slove these problem.

Check your variable, somewhere they are empty. therefore this error occurs.


@themaayur i check it all but still not working in spreadsheet2

Have you checked that, are you getting that values from Airtable.

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@themaayur ok i will check it again

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@themaayur yes broo i check it by putting another extension data loaded properly but when i used dynamic component the first spreadsheet1 loaded properly but the spreadsheet2 is not loaded in the dynamic component.i change the api key nad base id of spreadsheet2 to spreadsheet1 both spreadsheet have same api key and base id but only spreadsheet1 is loaded.help me to slove where is the problem i cant understand.

So you are loading data in two arrangements from same table.

Hey, in both spreadsheet got column you are checking for global switch = 1. Is that correct ?

@themaayur i try it from the different table also but its not working.

@themaayur i remove all the switch also but still not working

i Marked the Null Object in Red Box.

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@ADDYLIN is right, how I didn’t saw that :thinking::thinking::sweat_smile:
Instead of global id you have used global card id

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