601 error trying do a call

I’m trying do a button to make a phone call but always keep appearing the error 601: no corresponding activity was found. The print of my program is down below:

Welcome to the community @Maria_Brito

Sorry, but i don’t see anything below…
Also please elaborate more like providing your blocks, etc…
It looks like you are not writing the activity name correctly…


Show your blocks. :+1:

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try this solution



Hi, welcome to the community !!!
Error 601 is about activity starter error …
Wrong string into: action or activity pakage or activity class
Or the app you try open are disable into the phone.
Could you say what you want to do ?

Thank you, but i’ve already tried this and is always appearing the message: WhatsApp Image 2020-08-15 at 5.43.24 PM
I made this code but it will only leave the app and go to the screen to make calls, but don’t make the call or type the number:

obs: sorry for my bad english, is not my first language.

that message is only appearing because you are using the phone call component…
what about following the previous advice?


First, is this app going to be published on Play Store,

if not go with the Phone call component for direct call, NOTE! this will only work if you build your app


if yes, use blocks below, NOTE! there is no direct calling, user have to click the call button…