A doubt about Exoplayer!

When another player runs, my application continues to play sound, even using the Other Player Started event.

I’m using the event but nothing works !Sem título

sorry, I do not understand, you might want to elaborate

what are you trying to do? what are you expecting and what happens instead?

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see this thread


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ok i will try and come back to mark as solution for the time being.

Thank you very much!

This event also does not work.

ok… seems to work only if you also use the Player component to play a file…
as it seems to be, you have to wait for a fix then…

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that’s right, we will wait for a correction, but I want to thank you for your interest in helping.

Try something like this instead of using the ExoPlayer.OtherPlayerStarted / Stopped events.


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`ExoPlayer.OtherPlayerStarted` and  

events are not triggered. It’s a bug.

Okay, I’ll try this.

Thank you very much bodymindpower

anther workaround could be the to use the OnAppStop event using the same blocks @bodymindpower suggested previously


@Taifun See here:

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