How to pause Exoplayer during Phone call

I am using Exoplayer to play audio files … It works great but I found an annoying issue that need your help …

If I am listening to any audio using exoplayer and got a phone call … it never stops and here the sound during the phone call …
Is there any solution for that?

you might want to try the OtherPlayerStarted event to stop your audio


I tried it but doesn’t work althought Taifun player doesn’t have this bug but I need Exoplayer due to its speed in loading the online audio

I haven’t tried but maybe this event from Phone Call component helps:


If status = 1 then:

Failed to access the permission of PROCESS_OUTGOING_CALLS then the app will be rejected for that permission … @Taifun has added this feature in his extension … he would help us hpw to overcome this

@Kodular might want to investigate that bug…
as workaround you might want to use the built-in Player component together with its OtherPlayerStarted event Player - Kodular Docs


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