After call came on phone that time app music not pause automatically

Hello sir, I have created one devotional app in music and audio category and i recently launch on playstore all is runnig okay but while music going on that time phone call came and the music is palying in backgound. I just want help want to pause that song on current position after call disconnected it will automatically start from that pause position.please sir help me

@bodymindpower do you have any advice for this


Which component are you using to play the audio files?

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I am using exoplayer component

As soon as you answer an incoming call, the music / sounds will be paused on a Galaxy Note 8 (Android 9). On my Galaxy Note 5 (Android 5) the music is then very quiet, barely audible. Thus, everything seems to be okay. I use the Player component, the TaifunPlayer and the ExoPlayer in my apps (AI2, Kodular).

Note: As long you hear the ring tone from an incoming call, the music is playing on.

I forgot: any advice for this?
Yes, use the app offline / in flight mode! :wink:
(this is my advice for my users, so they will not be disturbed while relaxing)

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Wouldn’t this Block serve this purpose?:

Note: I haven’t tested this theory…

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Which other player?

I thought it worked with anything that plays audio.

Testing now…

I was wrong, it’s not working with the Exoplayer Component.

That block works with the Player Component.

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I tested with the native player and it works fine

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