A Math problem, the result formula is wrong, why?

can everybody help me with this formula :
X1 = x + radius * cos( n * 2 * 3.14 / 6 )
when i using calculator with x = 100, radius = 50 & n = 1 the result in X1 = 125 but when i try to using kodular the result is 149.99166 this my blocks

did my formula is wrong?

Calculator also says it…

Maybe you are working in radians and this wirks with degrees

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@asimjib93 as af as i known the math rule is,

  1. Firstly, calculate inside the bracket or cosr(123.14/6) = 0.5,
  2. Secondly, 50 * 0.5 = 25,
  3. and the last is 100 + 25 = 125,
    this is the basic math i know


i thought before (in kodular) i can make the math formula in a single block so it will be easier but its not, i must calculate the cos/sin outside the block i already made (i must rewrite my block).


As @pipechela has pointed out, you’re using radians in your cosine function (cosr).
But the math block takes inputs in degrees, as shown below:

You should convert radians to degrees first, and then pass it to the cos block, like this:

@Vishwas & @pipechela i try to rewrite as you suggested, thx

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