A new tournament Esports application

What is the name of app?


Describe your app

It is a tournament app with many feature.

Available Games

  • PUBG Mobile (my favorite)

  • COD Mobile

  • Free Fire

  • PUBG Mobile Lite

Some Features

  • Quick Account Stats

  • Leaderboard

  • Quick Contact

  • Play with your friends

  • 100% bonus usable matches

Some Screenshot of apps are:

Please tell your opinion about the app ui


I would like to thank

Dyanmic component extension (Best and most used by me) by @yusufcihan

Image loader extension by @DevYB

Phase extension by @Shreyash

Scroll Handler extension by @colintree

Dotsview extension by @Andres_Cotes

Huge thanks to :kodular:

These guides helps me a lot

For Testing App

Login Mobile = 1234567890
Login Password = 123456


Which database is used in this app

Nice work broo…:ok_hand:t4::metal::partying_face:

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I think airtable & firebase

Firebase for authentication and mysql for database

Who is your OTP or SMS provider

Firebase Authentication service provides OTP verification for first 50k users. After 50k users, you will have to pay.

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not 50k its 10k


Sorry. BrainFade moment. (Inspired by Steve Smith). :grimacing:

how was ur experience with ui??

Hmm nice…but i found something issue/bug when i joined a match for testing its not showing joined​:grin: make a block that if any user already registered than show joined…

u can join 1 times in solo match and 2 times in duo and 4 times in squad
so it is not showing joined

Your UI is awesome… I loved it… :heart_eyes:

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Kk…but i think I join the solo match but it’s not showing me joined :upside_down_face:

but there is no solo match

Okay i think its my fault…

Check this if u r using Lottie animation thn
The view pager not working in full arrangement

yes i decreases its height when lottie animation show

and that was nit ur fault i have changed solo to squad in my database


Okay bdw great UI :heart::india:


MYSQL Database

I have already mentioned that