Tournament on 14 Aug 2019 | B.O.T - Battle Of Tournaments | PUBG Mobile Tournament App

What is the name of your app?

B.O.T - Battle Of Tournaments

Describe your app:

B.O.T - Battle Of Tournaments is a platform for PUBG Mobile game tournaments. We organize tournaments on daily basis if if get enough users to compete.
Players can win Real cash money by participating on one the tournaments matches.

Best part of this app is you don’t need to register or Login to use this app, just fill up the details required to play the custom match and you are ready to go. Just make sure the details you provide is correct. We will not be able to reward you if you submit Incorrect details.

To fill up the details as fast as possible we provide remember me option, use that option to join before others.

Type of Tournament we organize are Solo, Duo and Squad on Both TPP & FPP


App Store/Download link:

B.O.T.apk (6.12 MB - Min API - 19)

Update - 18/02/19

  • UI Updated.
  • Added Options
    • Live Match
    • Results
    • Notifications / Announcement
    • Settings
  • New App Landing Website (sub domain) created -
  • Soon will be launched in Play Store

Feel free to given suggestions to make this app great, you will be created for that too.

Update - 23/02/19

  • Paytm Payment Gateway System Added
  • Notification Close button removed

Update - 27/02/19

  • Paytm Payment Gateway System Upgraded.
    • Now support all type of payment option (Card, Net Banking, UPI etc)

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Using paytm extension made by deephost

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Please post your messages in English!!! As you have noticed, even the author of the first post is Indian, but this is a forum which official language is English.


You can search on this community or Go to my website and download the project files… There are some project which contain swipe down refresh function

Splash screen image is dope​:ok_hand:

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thanks… it took me a whole day to collect the content… but its worth it.

i need some help to test this app, so if anyone interested to test it, then it will be great, in return i’ll give tournament pass for free :sunglasses:

Nice UI add a Notification Feature and Share Tournament Feature

Will you create a Tutorial Of this App on Your Youtube Chaneal?

Thanks for the suggestions

lets see what happens

I would like to know that how you are managing it from the backend.

i setup airtable according to my needs, i can manage all data from airtable.

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bro can i get the aia file of this application ?

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@kushalvirulkar probably posting your email address in a public forum is not a good idea, is it? do you want to attract loads of spam in your inbox?

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I’m not sharing aia with anyone.

Edit- try to make your own project instead of copying someone else’s work.


@techcvr i got one simple suggestion for your app.

  1. Make those 3 arrangement clickable only when the data from database are loaded
    For now if the user clicks the tournament then it shows Attempt to get item number 1 of a list of lenth 0
    If you make it clickable only if the data are fully loaded then this problem will be solved .
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yes… i saw that also… i will use notifier progress dialog for loading option. this way user will not be able to click anywhere untill the loading screen hides.

and thanks for testing the app.

For New UI Scroll to top see the latest App Screenshot and App Download Link is also updated.

New Suggestions are always welcome. Feel free to test the application and help me to make this better.