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Nice app but i think your app will get suspend on google play because you are using youtube video component. I am not sure but i think this is against policy.

are you sure your app doesn’t have any security issue ??

I don’t think so… App will get suspended only if you show ads while using youtube component

Yeah I am pretty sure that my app is ok there is no security issue however did you find any specific issues.

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No brother your app is not secure. I already bypassed your payment gateway

i already know that payment gateway is not working properly…, UPI payment has some bugs. I am adding PayUMoney payment gateway system in the next update.

Are you gonna use use any gatway extension or gonna do it by logic ?

i will add multiple payment option so lets see what happens

I will suggest you not to use logic in the case of payment gateway. I will be so easy to bypass it.
Better option build a extention with real gateway integration.

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ok… first let me make this then you will be the first one to test it…then let know then if its easy to bypass it or not.

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I’m already working on building some extensions for payment gateways. Lets see when does it finish.

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let me know after you complete it. i will test it too. if its good then i’ll implement it in this project

Bro You cant not publish it on play store because you use paytm extension i try but my app reject by play store and same reason …because i also use paytm extension

Can you show us what email did google sent you after they rejected your app.

And did you use the paytm extension made by deephost??

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Do you know any way to contact Deep host, he doesn’t seem to use his WhatsApp

there is no need to contact on whatsapp, and also dont need to put your contact no on the post.
PM me here with the details.

go join his telegram group. maybe he will chat there

I do have a need which is why i asked for a contact method. I contacted him via WhatsApp through the number he gave from his YouTube channel.

I’ll do that, Thanks

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How can i get the aia file?

It will be available in few days…