QuizX- 1 vs 1 online Quiz Tournament app with admin panel ( paid aia ) V2.0

App Name: 1 vs 1 online Quiz Tournament app

Platform: Kodular

Admin Panel:


  1. Sign In with Google
  2. Slider shows top-three players earning
  3. Carry out Unlimited matches in true-false, math and gk quiz
  4. Online 1 vs 1 quiz
  5. Having a timer of 10s for every question
  6. Two opponent get same questions
  7. No need to assign tournament
  8. profile with logout shows recent activity
  9. refer and earn
  10. add money in the wallet with payumoney
  11. withdraw money with Paytm, Bhim UPI and google play
  12. Shows number of online player
  13. Admin panel
  14. new questions added with airtable

[[[[Download Apk]]]]

aia file available on: www.aiafileforthunkable.com

developed by Easy Developer and aiacart


  1. Ui Improved
  2. All bugs are Fixed
  3. we joined match and no user online then we back but the money is cut from wallet bug is fixed

It doesn’t have the best UI so I won’t be buying it.


Agree , need to work in ui

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we improve our app ui soon

Oh hell no.

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what I don’t understand

I don’t think it’s fair to say that you have also developed the app. It is misleading. Easy Developer sent you the AIA and you’ve just written the post, so you didn’t develop it. Sorry if I am wrong.


this app plan by me and I check this app for 30 times I give the app design to the developer screen to screen.

I have som changes in aia file then buy

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Suggest me what changes you want

Can used Paytm paytm system

Payumoney also has paytm wallet option

are you ready to fix this all bugs I also pay for good amount for this app

your wallet and withdraw data improve store all data in server wallet data entery not shown in firebase

this ides is very good i already buy ur aia file lotsss of bugs in aia file user without online connect and so many more overall good but if all bugs fix u defently u earn lots of money from like this app

are ready to fix bugs

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hey would have successfully played battle mode with real user . i have try atleast 100 time always it play with a bot and the bot does not give any response . if you able to play battle with real user where both user can give answer please comment your views …other wise don’t buy its waste of money …

Please I also check ur app I like can solve this issue in this aia file

we provide a update soon in two or three days in quizx app

this is big bug in your app when u join and cancel the match the fee debit or cut without playing match and did not refund money so please solved this issue the wallet and deposit cash link to server overall app is good

yes it is a rule if you cancel match the opponent will be win